DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Live in Berlin (2019) - 2CD

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GENRE: Metal

A brand-new addition to Dream Theater’s extensive ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’ project, ‘Live in Berlin - 2019’ documents one of the band's first live European appearances supporting the critically acclaimed ‘Distance Over Time’ album, also released that year. Featuring some of the most popular tracks from that record including ‘Barstool Warrior’ and ‘Pale Blue Dot’, as well as long-standing entries from Dream Theater’s esteemed catalogue including ‘The Dance Of Eternity’, ‘Peruvian Skies' and ‘Lie’. This release represents the most recently recorded entry into the series to date, and is once again an exhilarating insight into one of the latest chapters of the band's career.


CD 1
1. Untethered Angel (Live in Berlin, 2019)
2. A Nightmare to Remember (Live in Berlin, 2019)
3. Fall Into The Light (Live in Berlin, 2019)
4. Peruvian Skies (Live in Berlin, 2019)
5. Barstool Warrior (Live in Berlin, 2019)

CD 2
1. In The Presence of Enemies, Pt. 1 (Live in Berlin, 2019)
2. Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity (Live in Berlin, 2019)
3. Lie (Live in Berlin, 2019)
4. Pale Blue Dot (Live in Berlin, 2019)
5. As I Am (Live in Berlin, 2019)

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