ARCH ENEMY - Burning Bridges (Re-issue 2023) - Sleevepac CD

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GENRE: Metal

"Burning Bridges" is the third studio album and the last album with original singer Johan Liiva. The album sounds incredibly lively, bursts endlessly and is in many respects even more refined than their two previous albums. The eight songs, equipped with an incredibly fat production, once again impress with first-class songwriting, the almost Power Metal-like guitar duels between Michael and his brother Christopher Amott as well as the greatly improved, brutal vocals of Johan Lilva.

  • Heavy 180g Vinyl black and colored, including 2-page insert
  • Special Edition CD that comes in a “PocketPac” (eco-friendly packaging) and a 16-page booklet

  • Tracklist

    1. The Immortal
    2. Dead Inside
    3. Pilgrim
    4. Silverwing
    5. Demonic Science
    6. Seed Of Hate
    7. Angelclaw
    8. Burning Bridges



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