ARCH ENEMY - Doomsday Machine (Re-issue 2023) - Sleevepac CD

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GENRE: Metal

This is Arch Enem’s total domination! It is the groundbreaking album by the leaders of extreme metal and opened the doors with anthems like ‘Nemesis’ or ‘My Apocalypse’!

The album is finally available again in the following formats:

  • Heavy 180g Vinyl black and colored, including 2-page insert
  • Special Edition CD that comes in a “PocketPac” (eco-friendly packaging) and a 24-page booklet

  • Tracklist

    1. Enter The Machine
    2. Taking Back My Soul
    3. Nemesis
    4. My Apocalypse
    5. Carry The Cross
    6. I Am Legend / Out For Blood
    7. Skeleton Dance
    8. Hybrids Of Steel
    9. Mechanic God Creation
    10. Machtkampf
    11. Slaves Of Yesterday


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