ARCH ENEMY - Khaos Legions (Re-issue 2023) - Sleevepac CD

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GENRE: Metal

“Khaos Legions” was well worth the wait. A solid 14 tracks – 11 songs and three instrumental passages – it’s an album that immediately recalls “Anthems Of Rebellion” (2003) and “Doomsday Machine” (2005), considered up to this point to be ARCH ENEMY’s two strongest outings to date. Loaded with the Amott brothers’ trademark guitar shred, spearheaded by vocalist Angela Gossow’s instantly recognizable hell-hathno- fury delivery, all backed by the Sharlee D’Angelo / Daniel Erlandsson bass / drum high energy stomp, “Khaos Legions” features the band’s trademark extreme metal execution coupled with some eyebrow-raising surprises along the way.

The album is finally available again in the following formats:

  • Heavy 180g black and orange vinyl, including 2-page insert
  • Special Edition CD that comes in a “PocketPac” (eco-friendly packaging) and a 20-page booklet

  • Tracklist

    1. Khaos Overture (instrumental)
    2. Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
    3. Bloodstained Cross
    4. Under Black Flags We March
    5. No Gods, No Masters
    6. City Of The Dead
    7. Through The Eyes Of A Raven
    8. Cruelty Without Beauty
    9. We Are A Godless Entity (instrumental)
    10. Cult Of Chaos
    11. Thorns In My Flesh
    12. Turn To Dust (instrumental)
    13. Vengeance Is Mine
    14. Secrets


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