ASPHYX - Necroceros - CD

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GENRE: Metal

Bolster your defenses – ASPHYX are finally back! Necroceros marks the crushing 10th full studio album of the Dutch Death Doom elite, following-up 2016’s acclaimed Incoming Death release. Necroceros once again features artwork by Axel Hermann and contains ten massively pulverizing tracks, mixed and mastered by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann.


Side A

  1. The Sole Cure is Death
  2. Molten Black Earth
  3. Mount Skull
  4. Knights Templar Stand
  5. Three Years of Famine

Side B

  1. Botox Implosion
  2. In Blazing Oceans
  3. The Nameless Elite
  4. Yield or Die
  5. Necroceros
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