CHARLIE GRIFFITHS - Tiktaalika - 2xLP + CD

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Charlie Griffiths, guitarist for British Progressive Metal band Haken, proudly presents his debut solo album ‘Tiktaalika’. With musical roots still firmly in the progressive realm, Charlie draws from his love of old-school 80s thrash, 90s tech-metal and alternative rock. Running the gamut from melodic to avant-garde to straight-up heavy, you might say Tiktaalika bridges the gap between King Crimson and King Diamond!

This concept album was 375 million years in the making, with the 9 tracks drawing inspiration from themes of geological time, fossilisation, transformation and humanity’s connections with each other and the planet we inhabit. The Griffiths-penned lyrics are given voice by some of the best vocalists in the business: Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried And Me), Danïel De Jongh (Textures), Vladimir Lali? (Organised Chaos) and Neil Purdy (Luna’s Call). The album also features a host of guest musicians: Drummer Darby Todd (Martin Barre, Frost, Devin Townsend), Keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) and Saxophonist Rob Townsend (Steve Hackett). The album was mixed by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic. The artwork was created by Dan Goldsworthy.


LP 1
Side A
1. Prehistoric Prelude
2. Arctic Cemetery
3. Luminous Beings

Side B
1. In Alluvium
2. Dead in the Water

LP 2
Side C
1. Digging Deeper
2. Tiktaalika

Side D
1. Crawl Walk Run
2. Under Polaris


  1. Prehistoric Prelude
  2. Arctic Cemetery
  3. Luminous Beings
  4. In Alluvium
  5. Dead in the Water
  6. Digging Deeper
  7. Tiktaalika
  8. Crawl Walk Run
  9. Under Polaris
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