THE FLOWER KINGS - The Sum Of No Evil (Re-issue 2023) - CD

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The Flower King’s 2007 studio albuim ‘The Sum Of No Evil’ is the next to get the reissue treatment, in this newly remastered & partially remixed edition. The 10th studio album saw the return of drummer Zoltan Csörsz,and was their last before taking a 5 year break. Available for the first time on vinyl as a Gatefold 180g 2LP+CD & LP-booklet, as well as Ltd CD Digipak & as Digital Album.

1. One More Time (2023 Remaster)
2. Love Is The Only Answer (2023 Remaster)
3. Trading My Soul (2023 Remaster)
4. The Sum Of No Reason (2023 Remaster)
5. Flight 999 (Brimstone Air) (2023 Remaster)
6. Life In Motion (2023 Remaster)

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