DEAD LORD - Goodbye Repentance (Re-Issue 2023) - CD

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Ten Years of “Goodbye Repentance”

In 2023, Dead Lord celebrates over a decade of music-making since the release of their game-changing debut album “Goodbye Repentance” (2013). This milestone is a testament to their unwavering dedication and passion for their craft.

On November 25th, the band will release a special re-mastered version of their debut album. The CD and digital version will include 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks. The wax edition will come as a 180g transp. orange vinyl with lyric sheet.


1. Hank
2. Hammer To The Heart
3. Onkalo
4. Goodbye Repentance
5. Because Of Spite
6. Envying The Dead
7. No More Excuses
8. Ghost Town
9. No Prayers Can Help You Now
10. Would Not Be Seen Dead In Heaven
11. Onkalo
12. Ghost Town
13. Hammer To The Heart


Release date: November 24, 2023

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