DISTANT - Heritage - Black LP

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GENRE: Metal

With an impressive discography including two highly regarded LPs and a clutch of singles and EPs behind them DISTANT is poised to become the downtuned and downtempo face of European deathcore. ‘Heritage’, DISTANT’s Century Media debut, delivers on a promise spelt out on record and on stages worldwide, decimating crowds at recent European festivals including 2022’s Summer Breeze and Brutal Assault as well as North America’s ‘Chaos and Carnage’ tour with labelmates Lorna Shore and Suicide Silence. Now, the bulldozing five-piece (whose members hail from The Netherlands and Slovakia) take things to a new level on ‘Heritage’. Songs like ‘Exofilth’, ‘Human Scum’ or ‘Orphan Of Blight’ set fire to the deathcore underground upon their release. ‘Heritage’ is DISTANT’s musical and lyrical reckoning. The album continues a thematic, sci-fi leaning lyrical cycle which the band already transposed from aural intensity to the published page with vocalist Alan Grnja's and bassist Elmer Maurits first novel, ‘The Rise of Tyrannotophia’. The sound of deathcore worldwide rising.

1. Acid Rain
2. The Gnostic Uprising
3. A Sentence to Suffer
4. Paradigm Shift
5. Born of Blood
6. Human Scum
7. The Grief Manifest
8. Exoflith
9. Orphan of Blight
10. Argent Justice
11. Plaguebreeder

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