DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: ...and Beyond - Live in Japan, 2017 - 2xLP + CD

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GENRE: Metal

From Dream Theater’s “Images, Words & Beyond” tour, this 2-LP release showcases the first set from the band’s 2017 performance at the historic Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. Previously released as a Japan-exclusive television broadcast, and subsequently a live streaming event, this cornerstone recording from Dream Theater’s modern era is now available for fans to own for the first time. Featuring a collection of tracks from “The Astonishing”, “A Dramatic Turn of Events”, Dream Theater’s eponymous album and more, this latest addition to the Lost Not Forgotten Archives is a can’t-miss addition to the ensemble’s catalog.


LP 1
Side A
1. The Dark Eternal Night
2. The Bigger Picture

Side B
1. Hell’s Kitchen
2. The Gift of Music

LP 2
Side C
1. Our New World
2. Portrait of Tracy
3. As I Am
4. Side D
5. Breaking All Illusions

1. The Dark Eternal Night
2. The Bigger Picture
3. Hell’s Kitchen
4. The Gift of Music
5. Our New World
6. Portrait of Tracy
7. As I Am
8. Breaking All Illusions

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