DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Awake Demos (1994) - 2xLP + CD

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GENRE: Metal

Remixed, remastered, and available for the first time on vinyl, Awake Demos (1994) showcase one of Dream Theater’s most iconic discography entries in its original form. Featuring fan-favorites “6:00”, “Space-Dye Vest”, “The Mirror” and more, this original demo recording of Dream Theater’s third studio album, a follow-up to the legendary “Images and Words”, uniquely showcases an inside look at the quintet’s unparalleled history.


LP 1
Side A
1. Scarred
2. 06:00

Side B
1. The Mirror
2. Caught In A Web

LP 2
Side C
1. Erotomania
2. Voices
3. The Silent Man

Side D
1. Lie
2. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
3. Innocence Faded
4. Space-Dye Vest

1. Scarred
2. 06:00
3. The Mirror
4. Caught In A Web
5. Erotomania
6. Voices
7. The Silent Man
8. Lie
9. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
10. Innocence Faded
11. Space-Dye Vest

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