DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Made in Japan - Live (2006) - CD

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Progressive metal titans Dream Theater perform their distinctive rendition of ‘Made in Japan’, the quintessential live record from British heavy metal icons, Deep Purple. Recorded live in 2006 at NHK Hall in Osaka, Japan, the 7-track recording memorializes this one-of-a-kind performance from the New York quintet, honoring the original and historic 1972 classic. Re-mastered and re-released for the first time on vinyl, ‘Made in Japan’ marks the next can’t-miss release in Dream Theater’s growing Lost Not Forgotten Archives collection.

1. Highway Star (Live in Osaka, 2006)
2. Child in Time (Live in Osaka, 2006)
3. Smoke on the Water (Live in Osaka, 2006)
4. The Mule (Live in Osaka, 2006)
5. Strange Kind of Woman (Live in Osaka, 2006)
6. Lay (Live in Osaka, 2006)
7. Space Truckin' (Live in Osaka, 2006)

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