Edge of Sanity - Until Eternity Ends - EP (Re-issue) - Black Vinyl LP

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After 30 years, the pivotal EDGE OF SANITY “Until Eternity Ends” 4-track EP is now remastered and even remixed by songwriter/frontman/producer Dan Swanö (Opeth, Dissection, Katatonia, etc.). First released in 1994, the re-issue is available for the first time on vinyl as a 12-inch maxi single (A Side: Remaster / B Side: Remix). Featuring the genre-defying "Until Eternity Ends", the ultra-catchy "Eternal Eclipse", a hardcore punk death-bash in "Bleed" and a killer cover version of The Police's 1981 hit "Invisible Sun", “Until Eternity Ends” is now available in its ultimate edition for longtime fans and new devotees to the EDGE OF SANITY.


Side A - Remaster 2024 (12:21):

  1. Until Eternity Ends (Remaster 2024) (03:59) 
  2. Eternal Eclipse (Remaster 2024) (02:51)
  3. Bleed (Remaster 2024) (02:06)
  4. Invisible Sun (Remaster 2024) (03:21) / The Police Cover Version

Side B - Remix 2024 (12:23):

  1. Until Eternity Ends (Remix 2024) (03:55) * Bonus Track
  2. Eternal Eclipse (Remix 2024) (02:52) * Bonus Track
  3. Bleed (Remix 2024) (02:07) * Bonus Track
  4. Invisible Sun (Remix 2024) (03:24) / The Police Cover Version * Bonus Track

Release date: June 21, 2024

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