EINAR SOLBERG - The Congregation Acoustic - CD

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GENRE: Metal

Einar Solberg, frontman of LEPROUS, presents an official release of his raw & unedited 2022 solo, live-streamed performance of the band´s 2015 album ‘The Congregation’. This entirely stripped back performance, just Einar and piano, presents that album in an entirely different light, one that even Einar didn’t think possible at times. The beautiful solo piano concert is available as a Limited CD Digipak and Limited Gatefold 180g black 2LP.


1. The Price (Live)
2. Third Law (Live)
3. Rewind (Live)
4. The Flood (Live)
5. Triumphant (Live)
6. Within My Fence (Live)
7. Red (Live)
8. Slave (Live)
9. Moon (Live)
10. Down (Live)
11. Lower (Live)

Release date: February 16, 2024

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