Folterkammer - Weibermacht - Jewelcase CD

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Genre: Black Metal


  1. Anno Domina 
  2. Leck Mich! 
  3. Die Unterwerfung
  4. Küss mir die Füsse! 
  5. Algolagnia 
  6. Herrin der Schwerter
  7. Das Peitschengedicht
  8. Venus In Furs (Cover Version)

FOLTERKAMMER, which translates to "Torture Chamber" in German, offers a sonic experience startlingly unlike anything you’ve ever heard. This New York-Swiss-French ensemble skillfully fuses elements of Baroque music, black metal, opera, jazz, and
classical into a captivating, yet unsettling amalgamation. Their Century Media debut, "Weibermacht" a term translated with octave-flexing prowess by Andromeda Anarchia as "Bitch Power" immediately delves into the provocative, pushing boundaries from the
very first track, "Anno Domina" Sung entirely in German, the song initiates a 45-minute thematic plunge into the depths of BDSM, where pain blurs with pleasure. This venture into the taboo is no surprise, as the bands lineup also includes IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT guitarist Zachary Ezrin, and boasts a truly disturbing cover by renowned artist Eliran Kantor (Immolation, Heaven Shall Burn). Uneasy listening has never felt so good. 

"Weibermacht“ is available as CD, 180g transp. baby pink LP, and Digital Album.

Release date: April 19, 2024

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