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Genre: Technical Death Metal

1 Dust Settles on Humanity
2 The Numinous One
3 Against the Sovereignty of Mankind
4 Atto Quarto: The Horror Paradox
5 Quasi-Sentient
6 Hair, Dirt, Mud
7 More Than Many, Never One
8 Der Verlorene Sohn
9 Mysterium Tremendum
10 Leben Ohne Feuer

Hideous Divinity's latest album is a profound exploration of existential paradoxes and cosmic fear. The tracks weave a narrative tapestry of technical death metal, where the divine horror of numinous life intersects with humanity's futile sovereignty. The band's
technical prowess amplifies a chilling theme: the awakening to a reality where existence is a cycle of being born to die and rise anew amidst the ruins of fallen ideologies. Each song is a eulogy, a reflection on the betrayal by our will to live, urging listeners to
embrace the courage to confront the unnamable, unthinkable forces that dictate our ephemeral existence. This is not just music; it's a philosophical inquiry set to the relentless cadence of death metal, inviting us to ponder the "Mysterium Tremendum"of life itself.

Be ready to embrace the divine horror with Unextinct!

Release date: March 22, 2024

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