KANSAS - Point Of Know Return Live & Beyond - 2CD

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With a legendary career spanning nearly five decades, KANSAS has firmly established itself as one of America’s iconic classic rock bands. This "garage band" from Topeka released their debut album in 1974 after being discovered by Wally Gold, who worked for Don Kirshner, and have gone on to sell more than 30 million albums worldwide.

The summer of 2020 marked the release of “The Absence of Presence,” KANSAS’s sixteenth studio album, which debuted at #10 on Billboard’s Top Current Albums chart. The wide-ranging progressive rock album, released by InsideOut Music, follows-up 2016’s “The Prelude Implicit,” which debuted at #14 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart.

Throughout 2016-2017, the band celebrated the anniversary of breakout album “Leftoverture” with the highly successful KANSAS: Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour. That tour was released in 2017 as a live album, “Leftoverture Live & Beyond.” Since 2018, KANSAS has followed that tour with the even more successful KANSAS: Point of Know Return Anniversary Tour. That tour was captured as the 2021 live album, “Point of Know Return Live & Beyond”.


CD 1

  1. Cold Grey Morning (Live 2019-20)
  2. Two Cents Worth (Live 2019-20)
  3. The Wall (Live 2019-20)
  4. Song for America (Live 2019-20)
  5. Summer (Live 2019-20)
  6. Musicatto (Live 2019-20)
  7. Taking in the View (Live 2019-20)
  8. Miracles Out of Nowhere (Live 2019-20)

CD 2

  1. Point of Know Return (Live 2019-20)
  2. Paradox (Live 2019-20)
  3. The Spider (Live 2019-20)
  4. Portrait (He Knew) (Live 2019-20)
  5. Closet Chronicles (Live 2019-20)
  6. Lightning's Hand (Live 2019-20)
  7. Dust in the Wind (Live 2019-20)
  8. Sparks of the Tempest (Live 2019-20)
  9. Nobody's Home (Live 2019-20)
  10. Hopelessly Human (Live 2019-20)
  11. Carry On Wayward Son (Live 2019-20)
  12. People of the Southwind (Live 2019-20)
  13. Refugee (Live 2019-20)
  14. Lonely Wind (Live 2019-20)
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