Mandoki Soulmates - A Memory Of Our Future - Black Vinyl 2xLP

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More than three decades after being founded by Leslie Mandoki, Mandoki Soulmates not only set new musical standards with their album "A Memory Of Our Future", but also present a masterpiece of production technology: the entire album was recorded and
produced in analog form - from the first note to the finished vinyl.

The production of the 80-minute concept album is a rare undertaking in today's music landscape. With analog signal processing throughout, from microphone to vinyl pressing, "A Memory Of Our Future" is a manifesto of precision and passion that can be felt in every note of the opus. The mastering of the analog magnetic tape by Greg Calbi at the renowned Sterling Sound Studio in New York and the vinyl cut at Emil Berliner Studios are a symbol of the audiophile excellence of the album.

With a setup that is hard to find in contemporary music production, and with which the band has captured a warmth and vibrancy in their music that is often lost in digital recordings, the Soulmates have created a work of musical diversity that ranges from prog to jazz rock, combining compositional maturity, playful ease, and artful solos with great arcs of tension and profound lyrics with socio-political themes.

The cross-generational supergroup of rock and fusion grandmasters with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Mike Stern, Al di Meola, Randy Brecker, Till Brönner, Bill Evans, John Helliwell (Supertramp), Cory Henry, Richard Bona, Steve Bailey, Simon Phillips
(Toto), Leslie Mandoki, Tony Carey (Rainbow), Nick van Eede (Cutting Crew), Jesse Siebenberg and Mark Hart (both Supertramp) call for action against division and for humanity with this album. With "A Memory Of Our Future", the Soulmates achieve a unique fusion of audiophile excellence and socio-politically relevant music. This album is not just for fans of prog and jazz rock, but for anyone who appreciates real music.

Line-Up on this album:
Leslie Mandoki
Ian Anderson
Al Di Meola
Mike Stern
Randy Brecker
Bill Evans
Till Brönner
Tony Carey
Cory Henry
Nick Van Eede
Simon Phillips
Jesse Siebenberg
John Helliwell
Mark Hart
Julia Mandoki
Steve Bailey
Richard Bona

Release date: May 10, 2024

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