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GENRE: Metal

French/Irish alt rock-metal outfit MOLYBARON, known for their energetic, hard-hitting sound, fusing elements of alt rock, hard rock, and modern metal to create an eclectic, sonically dynamic experience. MOLYBARON deliver an intensely raw, original musical signature, appealing to fans across genres.

With "SOMETHING OMINOUS", they push boundaries, presenting a unique blend of deep groove, pounding metal mixed with heavy rock. Songs brimming with character, delivered through a thunderous rhythm section, crushing bass under riff-laden guitars and chilling synths. Tracks filled with catchy choruses expressed through thought-provoking lyrics with a unique cadence, take the listener on a journey.

The album is a testament to their exceptional musicianship, effortlessly navigating through a wide range of emotions and musical styles, creating a truly immersive experience. Each track, meticulously crafted, seamlessly transitioning from pounding anthems to introspective ballads. MOLYBARON's signature sound will resonate deeply.

The lyrics of "SOMETHING OMINOUS" delve into profound and sometimes provocative themes, exploring the complexities of the human experience in current times. Running like a golden tread across 10 concise songs, they are straight to the point, but more topical than ever: ageing, decay, and societal erosion. The album approaches the acute awareness of the passage of time as we age - the lingering regret about precious time spent on unimportant things and relationships, the anticipation of losing the ones you love, and the fear of being old and alone. It also addresses the current state of politics – the collusion between state, media, and big corporations; manipulation of the public, the censorship of dissent and independent journalism.

This album is not just music; it's exhilarating, leaving you hooked and hungry for more. This is a must-have addition to your collection.


Side A

  1. Something Ominous
  2. Set Alight
  3. Billion Dollar Shakedown
  4. Breakdown
  5. Anyway

Side B

  1. Daylight Dies In Darkness
  2. Dead On Arrival
  3. Pendulum
  4. Reality Show
  5. Vampires

Release date: October 20, 2023

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