ORTHODOX - Learning To Dissolve - Transparent Orange LP

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GENRE: Metal

‘Learning To Dissolve’ is the punctuation on a journey that began with 2017’s ‘Sounds of Loss’. From the inception, ORTHODOX were nothing short of a standout, blending together riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on a Slipknot record coupled with Easterling’s blunt, Jonathan Davis-esque howls. But, like their sonic brethren in Knocked Loose or Vein.FM, while the influence of the 90’s/00’s is there, ORTHODOX doesn’t merely pay homage to their influences, it exceeds them. ‘From the beginning, we went in our own direction regardless of what anybody thought,’ states Adam. ‘We didn’t grow up listening to hardcore. We grew up on bands like Linkin Park and System of a Down.’ With ‘Learning to Dissolve’, those influences have refined themselves into a sound that is urgent and unforgettable from the album’s opening track, ‘Feel It Linger’ to the personal and aural meltdown of closer, ‘Voice in The Choir’.


Side A

  1. Feel It Linger
  2. Head On A Spike
  3. Cave In
  4. Become Divine
  5. Digging Through Glass
  6. Nothing To See

Side B

    1. 1 1 7 6 2
    2. Dissolve
    3. Fast Asleep
    4. All That I Am
    5. Voice In The Choir


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