SiX BY SiX - Beyond Shadowland - CD

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For the follow-up to their eponymous debut album, renowned rockers Ian Crichton (Saga), Nigel Glockler (Saxon) and Robert Berry (The Greg Kihn Band), otherwise known as SiX By SiX, reconvened in a San Francisco Bay Area studio and unleashed
their shared alchemy. They worked throughout 2023 to bend, shape, hammer and caress their diverse musical talents into 11 impressive tracks. With this album, the classic power trio line-up continues to define and build upon their unique melodic space,
welding guitar-driven rock, metal and prog into a unique and powerful sonic setting. Beyond Shadowland will be available as Limited CD Digipak, Gatefold 180g 2LP & as Digital Album. The vinyl features bonus material including two alternate, instrumental 
versions, and a very special Orchestra Medley comprised of classically interpreted versions of select pieces from Beyond Shadowland performed by an orchestra in Budapest, Hungary.


1. Wren
2. Arms of a Word
3. Can't Live Like This
4. Obiliex
5. Only You Can Decide
6. Titans
7. Outside Looking In
8. Spectre
9. Sympathise
10. One Step
11. The Mission

Release date: April 26, 2024

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