SPIRIT ADRIFT - Ghost At The Gallows - CD

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GENRE: Metal

"Death has been an up close and personal part of my life since I was a young child. When I began writing Ghost at the Gallows, the specter of death hung as constant as ever. This album navigates a world where ghosts are real, and they haunt us in the form of grief, trauma, and loss. Despite the subject matter, the songs aren’t just downtrodden dirges. The music is diverse and dynamic, ranging from mournful, southern-tinged acoustic passages all the way to aggressive speed metal assaults… and everything in between. And like every entry in the Spirit Adrift catalog, the deepest aim of the lyrics is to find good in the bad, strength in weakness, and hope in darkness. It wasn’t until I finished the record that I realized all the stages of grief are present on this album. Maybe these songs were my subconscious attempt at facilitating my own grieving process. Either way, this record helps me, and I hope it helps whoever else needs it." - Nate Garrett


  1. Give Her To The River
  2. Barn Burner
  3. Hanged Man’s Revenge
  4. These Two Hands
  5. Death Won’t Stop Me
  6. I Shall Return
  7. Siren Of The South
  8. Ghost At The Gallows
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