STEVE HACKETT - Darktown (Vinyl Re-issue 2023) - 2xLP

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‘Darktown’ is the 1999 studio album from legendary guitarist Steve Hackett. Never before released on vinyl, this is the first in a series of his back catalogue releases that will be made available on this format for the very first time. ‘Darktown’ features Steve joined by Julian Colbeck (Keys), Roger King (Keys, Bass, Drums), Hugo Degenhardt (Drums), Jim Diamond (Vocals), John Hackett (Flute, Pan Pipes), Ian McDonald (Sax), John Wetton (Bass Samples) amongst many others. Includes the 3 bonus tracks from the 2013 CD reissue. Available on Gatefold 180g 2LP including 2-page insert.


Side A
1. Omega Metallicus
2. Darktown
3. Man Overboard
4. The Golden Age Of Steam

Side B
1. Days Of Long Ago
2. Dreaming With Open Eyes
3. Twice Around The Sun

Side C
1. Rise Again
2. Jane Austen's Door
3. Darktown Riot
4. In Memoriam

Side D – Bonus Tracks
1. Flame
2. Coming Home To The Blues
3. Fast Flower

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