STEVE HACKETT - Guitar Noir (Vinyl Re-issue 2023) - 2xLP

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‘Guitar Noir’ is the 1993 studio album from legendary guitarist Steve Hackett. Never before released on vinyl, this is the first in a series of his back catalogue releases that will be made available on this format for the very first time. Taking a darker approach to his guitar sound, this album saw Steve joined by Julian Colbeck (keys), Dave Ball (bass), Hugo Degenhardt (drums), Aron Friedman (keys), Nick Magnus (keys) & more. Available on Gatefold 180g 2LP with etching on Side D


Side A
1. Sierra Quemada
2. Take These Pearls
3. There Are Many Sides To The Night
4. In The Heart Of The City

Side B
1. Dark As The Grave
2. Lost In Your Eyes
3. Little America
4. Like An Arrow

Side C
1. Theatre Of Sleep
2. Walking Away From Rainbows
3. Paint Your Picture
4. Vampire With A Healthy Appetite
5. Tristesse

Side D
1. Etching

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