THE FLOWER KINGS - Look At You Now - 2xLP

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GENRE: Metal

Get ready to rock out to the latest album from Swedish Prog-Rock legends, THE FLOWER KINGS! In their nearly 30-year career as a band, they return with their 16th studio album, "Look At You Now". This record is all about vintage vibes, with a warm and inviting sound that's reminiscent of legendary and classic 70's albums. And forget about processed, metallic sounds – "Look At You Now" is all about that analog feel that will transport you to a bygone era of rock.

Experience the magic of "Look At You Now" in the following formats: Limited CD Digipak, Limited 180g double LP and Digital Album. Don't miss out on this new milestone from one of the most iconic bands in Prog-Rock history!


1. Beginners Eyes
2. The Dream
3. Hollow Man
4. Dr. Ribedeaux
5. Mother Earth
6. The Queen
7. The Light in Your Eyes
8. Seasons End
9. Scars
10. Stronghold
11. Father Sky
12. Day for Peace
13. Look at You Now

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