THE FLOWER KINGS - Space Revolver (Re-issue 2022) - CD

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Swedish progressive rock legends The Flower Kings, and longtime label-partners InsideOutMusic, will begin an extensive reissue campaign in 2022, which will see the entire catalogue of the band reissued on CD & Vinyl in remastered editions, with it being the first time many of the albums have been available on wax. The next in the series is the band’s fifth album ‘Space Revolver’, which saw the arrival of Jonas Reingold on bass. It will be available as Ltd. CD Digipak & Gatefold black 2LP+CD & LP-Booklet (for the first time!), both featuring remastered and partly remixed audio and new artwork.



    1. I Am The Sun Pt. 1 (2022 Remaster)
    2. Dream on Dreamer (2022 Remaster)
    3. Rumble Fish Twist (2022 Remaster)
    4. Monster Within (2022 Remaster)
    5. Chicken Farmer Song (2022 Remaster)
    6. Underdog (2022 Remaster)
    7. You Don't Know What You've Got (2022 Remaster)
    8. Slave to Money (2022 Remaster)
    9. A Kings Prayer (2022 Remaster)
    10. I Am The Sun Pt. 2 (2022 Remaster)
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