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‘Hex’ is the eighth studio album of Spanish post-rock outfit TOUNDRA. Like many bands all across the globe, 2020 forced a new and unexpected reality upon the Madrid natives, who found their touring plans cut short due to the pandemic and would begin shifting their focus towards recording new material under unusual circumstances.

Frequently traveling between Madrid and the Cantabrian Coast in 2020, the band would grow to embrace these uncomfortable conditions, and ultimately use them as inspiration to make a record unlike anything previously found in their catalog. Their newest effort, ‘Hex’, is decidedly an album that is divided into two sides. Side A will consist of a single, 22-minute-long track, titled “El Odio” (Hatred), and Side B is made up of four new tracks.

Available as extra heavy 180g vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve (incl. album on CD as bonus), eco-friendly limited edition CD format in mini-gatefold packaging & digital album.



Side A

  1. El Odio. Parte I
  2. El Odio. Parte II
  3. El Odio. Parte III

Side B

  1. Ruinas
  2. La Larga Marcha
  3. Watt
  4. FIN


  1. El Odio. Parte I
  2. El Odio. Parte II
  3. El Odio. Parte III
  4. Ruinas
  5. La Larga Marcha
  6. Watt
  7. FIN
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