ULVER - Kveldssanger (Re-issue 2024) - Translucent Cobalt LP

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GENRE: Metal

Ulver’s first two legendary Black Metal albums, “Bergtatt” & “Kveldssanger” are finally available again as separate vinyl LPs. Both releases have been remastered for vinyl by Jaime Gomez Arellano as in the long sold-out LP out box set “Trolsk Sortmetall” (2014) and – just as the latest 2019 reissues – come in gatefold sleeves and on 180gr heavy coloured vinyl. The “Bergtatt” 4page LP-Booklet includes a detailed written interview with Ulver’s mastermind Kristoffer Rygg and the “Kveldssanger” 8page LP-Booklet includes sheet notes of the song “Ulvsblakk”. Truly classic Norwegian Black Metal pioneering art!


Side 1
1. I: Østenfor Sol og vestenfor Maane [East of the Sunne and West of the Moone]
2. II: Ord [Wordes]
3. III: Høifjeldsbillde [The Mountainetops]
4. IV: Nattleite [Nighte Time]
5. V: Kveldssang [Twilight Song]
6. VI: Naturmystikk [Naturall Mystick]
7. VII: A Capella (Sielens Sang) [A Cappella (Song of the Soule)]
8. VIII: Hiertets Vee [The Heart's Woe]
9. IX: Klædt i Nattens farver [Cladde in Colours of the Nighte]

Side 2
1. X: Halling [Halling]
2. XI: Utreise [Exodus]
3. XII: Søfn-ør paa Alfers Lund [Drowsieness on Fairie Mound]
4. XIII: Ulvsblakk [Wolfsgray]
5. XIV: Synen

Release date: January 19, 2024

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