UPON STONE - Dead Mother Moon - CD

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GENRE: Metal

Unleash the relentless rampage and step into the nocturnal realm where ancient forces and untamed chaos reign supreme. UPON STONE's Dead Mother Moon isn't just an album – it's an evocation of the raw, wild power that stirs within the human spirit when surrounded by the darkness of nature in its purest solitude. This album captures the essence of the early 90s Melodic Death Metal classics while breathing new life into their grandeur. Let the intensity of the night awaken the primal energy within you! Listen UPON STONE's triumphant debut album Dead Mother Moon and feel forever!


1. Dead Mother Moon
2. Onyx Through the Heart
3. My Destiny; A Weapon
4. Dusk Sang Fairest
5. Paradise Failed
6. Nocturnalism
7. To Seek and Follow the Call of Lions
8. The Lantern
9. Dig Up Her Bones

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